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Lost & Emotional
Finding my place after my world was shattered



((OOC: For Rosiel's plan)).

Current Location: ???
Current Mood: infuriated infuriated

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No gravity? Huh? Up yours, City and whoever laughed at my previous pain!

I really, really like today. Who wants you float around the City with me?

((OOC: Strikeouts = deleted. Fllay's feeling spiteful)).

Current Mood: satisfied satisfied

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I'm glad Kira isn't here! He can't hear me like this! I sound like a whiny grow-up man!!!

((OOC: Uh half pissed off!Crowley, half whiny!Crowley!voice?)).

Current Mood: angry angry

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what... what the hell... Why why do I look like this?

Whatis coming.. on... I can't... keep myformmyfingerstoo.help.

((OOC: Fllay has more reasons to emo Katou's shapeshifting powers and her hands/body are shifting, she cannot even type well, so-)).

Current Mood: scared scared

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I... So much blood. Daddy!

Why...? I thought... I thought you were a cute kid that... that was lost.

War. So endless. STOP. I don't want to think about my world. Kira... why did you leave me?!

Current Mood: gloomy gloomy

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The bonfire was nice, Lacus. Congrats to your roommates.

Made me forgot that I spent the other day with my hands stuck on the window.

Current Mood: amused amused

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Huh? What's that music? It's kinda nice.

Maybe I could see what's happening from the window. There's lots of people in the street, I don't feel it'll be safe to come out alone.

Current Mood: curious curious

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...I feel like wanting to kill myself today. Or hide in a corner and rot.

Orga, I want lots of your happy pills right now.


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What did just touch my cheek? I just opened the window for a couple of minutes to get fresh air inside.

It was slimy and sticky. Ewwww. I couldn't see anything with all the right.

I'm sleeping on the couch tonight.

Current Mood: scared scared

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I cannot find a way to describe it
It's there inside
All I do is hide
I wish that it would just go away
What would you do
You do if you knew
What would you do

All the pain
I thought I knew
All the thoughts lead back to you
Back to what
Was never said
Back and forth
Inside my head
I can't handle this confusion
I'm unable come and take me away

I feel like I am all alone
All by myself I need to get around this
My words are cold
I don't want them to hurt you
If I show you
I don't think you'd understand
'Cause no one understands

I'm going nowhere on and on and
I'm getting nowhere on and on and on
I'm going nowhere on and on and off and on and off and on

Take me away
Take me away
Break me away
Take me away

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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