Lost & Emotional

Finding my place after my world was shattered

Fllay Allster
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Name: Fllay Allster.
Age: 15 years old.
Status: Dead and in the City.
Series: Gundam Seed.
Housing: Building 6, apartment #14.
Personal Relationship: Dating Kira Yamato.
Alignment: Victim, very confused and torn.
Personality: Fllay is a normal teenager, prone to theatrics, gossip and emotional overreactions (specially about losses, she can’t cope with that very well). She can be sweet and very good listener if she cares for someone (or tries to use them). If she were to control that immature side of her personality, she would be a good schemer for she is able to discern some psychological weakness to exploit (and if she sets her head into do it, nothing stops her).

As the rich daughter of an important minister of the Atlantic Federation, Fllay was pretty spoiled, selfish and naïve about the war, with a bigoted views about Coordinators. But the lost of her father, her involvement in the Archangel, her feelings for Kira and spending time in Zaft (contrasting the experience with the dread she felt around Azrael in the Dominion), she had a changed of heart and no longer adopts that prejudiced values, being horrified when the colonies were attacked. In the bitter end, her loyalties were towards her true side, not EAF or Zaft, but the Archangel.

She wants the war to end.

Death and the City have enforced her accepting view to no-Natural (a dead person would be a freak of nature too!) people.

In short, Fllay is just an average, pretty teenage girl who was thrown into a war that snapped her mind, twisted her principles then set them straight in the path to maturity. Tragically, her life was cut short and she never really could find what she was looking for: a place to belong.

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